Maximum Ranked Players

 Welcome to Maximum Ranked Players.

We have set up a new season and Country Club for the Golf Club 2

(Xbox One)

Round 1 is at St. Andrews- July 7-10

Round 2 is at Pebble Beach- July 13-16

Round 3 is at Victory Village- July 18-21

-MRP- Course Opener- July 24-25

Round 4 is at the Homestead- July 27-30

Round 5 is at Magnolia/Augusta- August 1-4

Our home course is now published for the golf club 2.

The Floating Stone Open

It is a good course for all skill levels.

Go give it a shot and keep an eye open for our hosted events.

We will re-open our forums soon for any questions or feedback.

Search for our society within the game to join us.
Open to public and no handicap restrictions for now.
Currently playing WGT Golf and Xbox One games.
We will be recruiting for NBA2K 18 , Madden 18, Destiny 2 and The Golf Club 2
Pre-order from Amazon below.
Madden 18 - Xbox One [Digital Code]
NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off Edition
Destiny 2 - Xbox One Standard Edition
The Golf Club 2 - Xbox One [Digital Code]
More updates coming soon.

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