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 Follow these steps below to upload your xbox videos to our website.


1. Search for your gamertag/name at GamerDvr.com 


2. When it loads your profile, select CLIPS. This will load all of your recorded xbox videos.


3. Click the video that you would like to share.


4. Below your selected video you have options 

Snapshot, Timestamp, Download, Create Gif or Embed.


5. Choose DOWNLOAD and save it to an easy or preferred location like your desktop.


6. On our website, select UPLOAD A VIDEO


7. Select the game category for your video and it's status to be Published or Unpublished (for editing)


8. Drag and drop or Click to upload your file. You will see a green check-mark when your file has uploaded.


9. Click BACK TO DASHBOARD  (at the top of the screen)


10. Your video is now LIVE. Select Dashboard to edit your videos, channels, playlists, favorites and subscriptions. 


 "This is the slow method. You will have to apply your own snapshot for your thumbnail and re-name the title."