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Do you follow through with what you aim to accomplish?

Are you a man of your word?

Have you maxed out your rank in any games online?

I am looking for gamers that win frequently from every game.

Cheaters can’t stop you from gaining XP and maxing out your rank or character level(s).

Over achievers, leaders and good squad mates are encouraged to share highlights and streams here.

Create a group/team/clan to represent you and your friends. Or solo it here as a lone wolf.

Post some wins, music, sports, education, politics or news to your profile galleries.

You found -MRP- for a reason. Introduce yourself. This platform is for you. 

You can purchase a sponsored link spot to share your Twitch/YouTube channel(s) as a member or guest. 

All paid official members are automatically blue check verified. 

Members can comment and post on the home page activity wall or within groups.

Private messaging and more.

If you’re going to join something online, then start fresh here and help David vs Goliath.

Not an established woke corporation. 

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