Hello Gamers! Welcome to our new website! You can hang out here while we build and edit or check back with us another time.

Anyone that has achieved maximum rank within any games ranking system is eligible to register on our website.

We aim to be the hub of the best teams/squads/clans or individuals for online gaming.

If you see the vision and correlation of our name for online gaming. Then stick around and help us grow from small time to big time.

Your talents and efforts should be recognized and rewarded. We will try to provide an offer the best tools that we can to showcase your highlights on our platform.

Epic moments and statistical accomplishments within video games are acknowledged at -MRP-.

You can look us off or help create a great community of talented players. You do not have to the best at every game or any game to join us.

Achievement hunters, streamers on twitch, youtube, facebook/mixer are are welcome.

We will try to provide featured, sponsored or showcased streaming slots if you would like to be shown off on our site.

Your only as good as your competition, play with or against us today!

Check the Activity Wall to see the latest posts from members. Be one of the first to help populate our galleries.

Add Convict MRP on xbox live or join our Xbox live community by searching for Maximum Ranked Players

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out! More to come soon!

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