Convict-MRP- scores 4 Hole in Ones in an Hour!

This golf game offers daily tournaments to complete in. Today after work (painted a basement bathroom remodel) I joined my friend DahlaiLlama xbox party. He was my witnesses for my record day golfing online. I hit all 4 within an hour. Share your awesome highlights here anytime. Played at The Top of the Rock, Missouri

New Fortnite Controls

New xbox controller settings for Fortnite chapter 4 season 2. This is for 60fps players on big slow tv’s. This was recorded ona 65″tv and less than 120hz. High performance Fortnite laptops, computer and tvs are available to improve your gameplay.

Make Money On Rumble

Sign up and get monetized faster than YouTube. The video above is an example of their monetized media player to display on your social networks. Use this refferal link to help us both out.