Mined LTC

I used my harbor freight solar kit and a car battery to mine for LTC back in the day. It worked until they robbed us. I installed Bitcoin and Doge faucets too on my website. You were allowed to come by and claim once a day for my BTC and every hour for my Doge. Not one thank you back then either.

I claimed from as many websites and Apps as possible. The concept and potential to help people was gaining traction. Each faucet had their own timers. So I basically listened to music, claimed cryptos and day dreamed about a Woman I was in love with. All of that crap backfired on me.

I emailed google one day to suggest an idea to install personal faucets like mine into every social media platform/profile. They scoffed at me. The guy that replied to me, said he and google only work with big platforms and it’s not allowed to lure people to your website by offering money. Now here we are years later and people like MR. Beast is allowed to offer money to visitors for his content, as an example.

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