Delta Force Land Warrior was the first internet PC game that I seen at my best friends house when I was released from prison. I bought the game and installed it on my Aunt’s computer. She was the only available option for me to be housed to serve my three years of mandatory parole. I was required to wear an ankle bracelet and needed something to occupy my mind and time. I worked as Repo man for a rent to own company that summer. If the customers didn’t pay, they sent me to collect the money or to remove their furniture/appliances.

Playing on 56k(dial up) was frustrating at times with our characters lagging and warping around. Winning wasn’t impossible, we use to win with 100-300+ pings. At the time, we needed a tough sounding name for our clan. We rolled with Murder Rape Pillage for years. But the non gamers didn’t understand. It was very difficult to promote or say out loud in public. Officially, -MRP- was created on June 26, 2002. The release date of Delta force Task Force Dagger.

Task force Dagger is where I started to win nightly after work and parole classes. I was winning a lot or at the top of the list against blatant cheaters. It inspired me to learn how to build websites to create an Army of people that don’t like cheaters. This was before MYSpace, YouTube, Facebook…everything. Technically -MRP- might be one of the oldest clans on the internet. I used the same gamertag in every game since 2002. Show me the felon with a longer record. I chose Convict to prove to normal people that felons can still get out and win too. I’ve tried to set an example for anyone on parole to match or surpass any of the achievements and goals that I’ve accomplished.

Gaming will keep you out of trouble. You can’t match or beat my scores without a lot of practice. Consider it a challenge, not a brag. I’ll know you put in the work if you do/did. Americas Army Operations established -MRP- with tournament wins and map domination. We maxed our ranks, had awesome frag rates and had a blast playing together every night. We used ICQ, teamspeak and ventrillo for our voice party chats back then. We had to record our game play with Fraps and Punkbuster was the best anticheat system that banned cheaters live.

I use to try to honor my members best sessions with forum signatures.

AAO proved to me that cheaters couldn’t stop me or anyone else from achieving the highest ranks within games. This pushed me to toward the name change because I felt it can apply to any game or sport. The aim is for -MRP- to be the hub for gamers to unite as experienced players for whatever game. I enjoy viewing game highlights, so I have put together this website to help others share their content. Sign up anytime to represent yourself, clan/team/friends. Add -MRP- to the end of your gamertag. Message me if you need any help or have any questions. Thank you for visiting. I will post more from our past in the near future.