When I got out of prison in 2002(Forgery -4 year sentence with 3 years of parole) my best friend “Swiftkill” showed me a game called “Delta Force Land Warrior” on his computer.

I was blown away that you could play against people all over the world. I had never touched a computer for the most part but was familiar with gaming from the couch and floor growing up.

At night after finishing the day with work, women and parole obligations, I would game and begin to learn how to build websites to create -MRP-.

Back then, everyone had aggressive sounding names for themselves and clans. So we originally named ourselves “Murder Rape Pillage”

This was a hard name to promote or throw around in public. Trying to explain the name to people that don’t play games was difficult. It’s just how we played against our opponents and a direct threat to cheaters we encountered.

Officially -MRP- was created June 27, 2002. The release date of Task Force Dagger. Me and Swiftkill were Repo men at the time. We drove 60 miles to another town to buy our copies the day it came out.

This unleashed my brain to another level. A new world of possibilities, information and knowledge began to consume my life. I consistently won a lot on a dial up 56k connection. My ping would bounce from 256-350+ms during matches.

From Task Force Dagger we moved on to Black Hawk Down and Americas Army Operations for years on PC. We were the #1 clan in the world on a map called Border for a very long time. We only had about 64 members at the time and that was more than enough for one man to keep up with back then.

We won a few prizeless tournaments then began to shift into other games like Battlefield 2 , Counter Strike and basically every other shooter they released annually.

Time flew by for me trying to keep up as a young parent and independent contractor. This helped me from violating my parole stipulations and kept me away from high risk situations from my past.

The aim has always remained the same since the beginning. Target other gamers like me. The underdogs, lone wolves, survivors and characters that have the inicative to challenge and improve themselves.

No Cheaters needed. Join today.

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