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Clan leader of -MRP- since 2002. Games helped me get through parole back in the day. Now I’m just trying to inspire others like me. To prove that felons can still win, create and contribute back to society.

If you are on probation or parole. Then consider joining me. You need a new hobby to stay out of trouble. Pick a game. Play it until it’s complete. Post your highlights and accomplishments here. Whatever you choose, don’t freak out again and go back to jail/prison. Message me if you are losing it, don’t know what to do or need some advice.
I’m not perfect and lean toward crazy in comparison to most. But can probably relate or offer a rational solution if you ask or disclose your situation.

Follow this link to check out the ebook I made.

Or find it at the Amazon kindle books store. Search “Kill your Number”

I was born into gaming and have a lot of stories to share. (good and bad)
If you have made it this far into my profile, then consider engaging if you think we’ll see eye to eye.

Also just made an Etsy store for digital wall art downloads.